Friday, August 5, 2011

Why does the end of summer get SO crazy busy?!?

It has just been a whirl wind around here lately...I have barely gotten any projects worked on much less done!  Oy Vey...Am I ready for the kids to get back in school & the pace to slow down just a scooch!  Lol

I have been struggling to say the least with the huge foyer forever!  I have been thinking about getting an old chippy door to put here...

In that empty corner down there.  Excuse the no hanging photos. 

Another project...Another day!

Well...My mom found this door at a local garage sale for...$25.00!!!  SCORE!  Now the only chore is to get it painted & distressed.

Does the 'smoky charcoal' dresser look familiar?

Remember her looking like this?

I managed to get her painted, but have yet to distress her up.  If I were selling this piece I'm not sure I would distress it.  With the clean line & modern look it has I feel distressing it is sort of 'oxy moron' if you will.  Those two styles just don't mix.  However, since it is for me I suppose I can do whatever I please with it.  =)

One more...

Do you remember my make shift mini furniture store I had going on in the foyer, not so long ago?

I'm slowly making progress in there...

Imagine my old chippy door in that corner with a cute little cane seat chair, quilt draped over the back & a wreath hanging from the door.  I can't wait... 

Need to hang mirror & bench is up for sale...Just not loving it there. 

That is all for now...I still need to get some photos of that pink desk we are getting ready to move rooms around with the kids, so hoping to have some photos of their rooms coming too!


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