Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keeping up here is proving difficult...

I have started a Facebook Group...If anyone that browses here is interested in following send a request to join & I can add you.  It is SO much easier to keep up with it vs the blog.  I will still be posting here, but as you can tell it is very scarce.  I am very busy with pinting furniture & have lots of photos on my FB Group.

Hope to see you there!!!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Perfect Chest of Drawers

OR 'Chester Drawers' if you are a crazy Missouri Craigslist ad poster!  Lol  Do you ever crack up at some of the spellings/descriptions on there?!  Automan = Ottoman is one of my all time faves!  Lol

Anywho...Not only have I been away from my blog & my paintbrush all winter I have also stayed away from Craigslist.  I figured it was too cold to paint so there was no sense in finding that perfect piece that would prevent me from parking my truck in the garage all winter! 

Well, it is April & I don't know about where you live, but here in MO the weather has been B-U-Ti-Ful!!!  Beautiful!  I though eh...Why not take a look & look what I found...

No before pics because guess what...This is it!  It is perfect for the littles room! 

So, I basically wasted a perfectly good winter that could have possibly provided more pieces like this that only required me bringing home & unloading.  No paint brush, no sander, no sweat & tears required...Its way too easy though!  I like the paint brush, the sander, & the sweat & smiles after I am finished! 


It has been light years since I posted & painted...

Wow!  It feels like a lifetime since I posted on here.  I have not been very productive this winter with projects.    I did however get the wardrobe finished last weekend!  It has been sitting in my garage...All winter...Looking like this...

Sorry for the crummy cell pic.

Last I posted about it it looked like this...

Here is the after...Again sorry for the crummy cell pics.

I still need to do something for the door.  Mirror, chalkboard, chicken wire (a friend suggested)...Who knows.  Also getting different knobs for certain.  The pulls are pretty cool & the center part is a kind of bakelite. 

It is a Robin's Egg blue that I toned down by adding some white.  Then distressed & dry brushed.  I love the way it turned out & my daughter loves it too!