Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Perfect Chest of Drawers

OR 'Chester Drawers' if you are a crazy Missouri Craigslist ad poster!  Lol  Do you ever crack up at some of the spellings/descriptions on there?!  Automan = Ottoman is one of my all time faves!  Lol

Anywho...Not only have I been away from my blog & my paintbrush all winter I have also stayed away from Craigslist.  I figured it was too cold to paint so there was no sense in finding that perfect piece that would prevent me from parking my truck in the garage all winter! 

Well, it is April & I don't know about where you live, but here in MO the weather has been B-U-Ti-Ful!!!  Beautiful!  I though eh...Why not take a look & look what I found...

No before pics because guess what...This is it!  It is perfect for the littles room! 

So, I basically wasted a perfectly good winter that could have possibly provided more pieces like this that only required me bringing home & unloading.  No paint brush, no sander, no sweat & tears required...Its way too easy though!  I like the paint brush, the sander, & the sweat & smiles after I am finished! 



  1. Nice to see you back! And very nice chest of drawers. I liked the armoir in the previous post too. Very lovely in the blue.
    best, nadia

  2. Thank you! Check out my newest post about my FB Group...Tons of photos of recent projects there! =)