Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two posts in one day--I may commit some sort of system overload!!!
In all honesty though...I intended to post a picture of the farmhouse & the view we have daily!
We have not touched the outside yet--That will be a spring/summer 2014 project.  Plans as of now are painting the purple porch, white & painting the shutters/door, black.  Im begging my husband to let me paint the siding white, as new siding is not in our tiny budget, but he isn't on board.  So we'll see...I need a white farmhouse though, not a gray one!  =)
This was our gorgeous fall view in October--

I know it has been way too long since I have been here...

My husband & I purchased a farmhouse {built in 1900} on 10 acres in July 2013.  I have not had time for any 'furniture projects' in a very long time!  We have been up to our ears in renovations.
I have a few pictures to share of some kitchen improvements thus far...We also do not have internet at the farmhouse, so I am very limited to when I can post. 
It still isn't 100% done...There are a few odds n ends to finish up.  Crown molding, kick plate trim, a couple cabinet doors/drawers & a custom cabinet {in that hole by the corner cabinet} for the wine cooler.  Its close though & looking SO much better than it did!


Patiently waiting for my husband to get the cabinet built for this...