Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trying out some homemade solutions for around Edwards Lane...

I am midly addicted to Pinterest...As I'm sure most of you are.  I finally put a couple of my eight hundred and some pins to use!!! 

The powder is dishwasher deteregent & the spray bottle is shower cleaner.

Both can be found here...

With in the next week I will be out of laundry detergent & will also be mixing up this...

I don't know about you, but I am sick of dishing out money on overpriced cleaners & detergents!!!  Anything to save a buck!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A few snippets to share...

The dresser finally made it to the bedroom!!!  I still have some odds n ends projects to get finished up in the room, but it is SO close to finally being photo worthy!  Lol

I also made a few more changes in the foyer...

Painted the chair...Hung a faux doorknob/lock...Got rid of the way too big for the space baskets...Hung a grapevine wreath...
A close up of the photo wall...

I just <3 this table!!!  Total Craigslist score!  That is an old...Like 1980's Longaberger umbrella basket I found at a garage sale for...$3.00!!!

Excuse the junk collection in the bowl...It is right by the door, so as you know it collects lots of junk!!! 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things...

After all of the back to school crazies have settled I am eager to get some projects old & new finished!!! 

Over the past 7 weeks or so since I last posted gasp I found an old chippy door for the foyer & my mom found me a ladderback style chair at a sale for 25 cents!!! 

This isn't the best photo & I need to give that chair some serious color...Just not sure what color yet, but it shows that I am at least making some progress...
(Excuse the touch up spots on the wall...I have a photo to get hung there)

Notice that Ah-Mazing table!?!?!  Well, that was my Craigslist find & the best part...It looked exactly like this!!!  I think this is one of the first finds I haven't had to do a thing to!  Well, this & the chippy door too!  =)

After a few more changes...

Lastly, but not least.  I have a before & after to share...


Not too bad for a $25.00 garage sale dresser...Huh?!? 

Next posting in less than 7 weeks...I pinkie swear! 


Friday, August 5, 2011

Why does the end of summer get SO crazy busy?!?

It has just been a whirl wind around here lately...I have barely gotten any projects worked on much less done!  Oy Vey...Am I ready for the kids to get back in school & the pace to slow down just a scooch!  Lol

I have been struggling to say the least with the huge foyer forever!  I have been thinking about getting an old chippy door to put here...

In that empty corner down there.  Excuse the no hanging photos. 

Another project...Another day!

Well...My mom found this door at a local garage sale for...$25.00!!!  SCORE!  Now the only chore is to get it painted & distressed.

Does the 'smoky charcoal' dresser look familiar?

Remember her looking like this?

I managed to get her painted, but have yet to distress her up.  If I were selling this piece I'm not sure I would distress it.  With the clean line & modern look it has I feel distressing it is sort of 'oxy moron' if you will.  Those two styles just don't mix.  However, since it is for me I suppose I can do whatever I please with it.  =)

One more...

Do you remember my make shift mini furniture store I had going on in the foyer, not so long ago?

I'm slowly making progress in there...

Imagine my old chippy door in that corner with a cute little cane seat chair, quilt draped over the back & a wreath hanging from the door.  I can't wait... 

Need to hang mirror & bench is up for sale...Just not loving it there. 

That is all for now...I still need to get some photos of that pink desk we are getting ready to move rooms around with the kids, so hoping to have some photos of their rooms coming too!


Monday, August 1, 2011

A stiff neck & Sore fingetips...But thousands of Lego's are sorted & organized!!!

I probably won't be able to move by this evening, but on a more positive note I have successfully disassembled, sorted & organized all of my son's Lego sets.  He only has four main sets, but they are the really big ones! 

Like this set...Which has 1,294 pieces...
Or this one...Which has 1,061 pieces...
How about this one...953 pieces...

Getting smaller...609 pieces...

408 pieces...
A measly 278 pieces...
Even this little guy has 117 Pieces...
There were a couple more little sets & this one is still on the shelf assembled...Good thing, cause that is another 360 pieces I would have had to sort...
According to my calculations that is 4,720+ little pieces of plastic that I organized...He may never touch them again!!!  Lol

In his defense, most sets were assembled, but he robs pieces from one set to "custom build" something else.  I just couldn't take the mass chaos of it all any longer!  =)

So for now, this is what we have...
Sure doesn't look like nearly FIVE THOUSAND pieces to me...Believe my neck, rump & finger tips though...It is!!!

Hoping to have some furniture photos soon...The french provincial desk is finally painted the sweetest shade of pink & it is even in my daughter's room!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's done...It's done!!! Dining room makeover...

Whew...I feel like this project has taken a lifetime!  I know it has only been a couple of months, but for Mrs. Impatient herself...That is a lifetime!

Let's start with some before photos...

Notice the bald baby in the corner Lol...This was two years ago when the little really was little.

A photo at Christmas time...Pretty lame eh?!?

I realized going through my photos that I don't have any decent ones of the dining room space before...Not that it was very 'photo worthy' any who!  Lol

And for the after...
Overload warning, but now it is very 'photo worthy' so I have been snapping away!  Lol

I am still thinking I want a rug, but not certain.  Since this space is basically right next to the living room & I have a rug there with a busy print I think I'll need to go solid.  I'm thinking of going with something natural like a jute rug.  They are pretty pricey though & I haven't come across many of them on Craigslist.  Ha!

All in all I am pretty pleased with the way it has turned out, however I do plan on stripping the table top & staining it.  I always wanted it that way, but yet again Mrs. Imaptient stepped in the way & it was quicker & easier to just paint it at the time.  Now I get to do more work...Yay! 

A quick price breakdown...

Table & four (tall) chairs $60.00...Craigslist
Set of four (short) chairs $40.00...Craigslist
New foam for four chairs $30.00...JoAnns
Fabric for all eight chairs $21.00...JoAnns clearance
Buffet $50.00...I paid $30.00, My mom paid $20.00...Garage Sale
White dishes $10.50...Thrift Store
Green pitcher $9.99...TJ Maxx
Globe $9.99...TJ Maxx
Vase in corner with filler $3.00...garage sale
Eucalyptus leaves $2.97...JoAnns clearance
Metal bird $3.00 for a set of four (one is used here)...Thrift Store
Bean Pot FREE...for hosting a party
Plate rack $5.00-$7.00...This was a Target clearance from 5+ years ago
Mirror FREE...From my dad
Drapes $15.00/pair...Craigslist
Curtain rod set of wooden brackets & a wooden closet rod spray pianted with Krylon Oli Rubbed Bronze
Set of ring clips also sprayed with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze $8.00...Home Depot

Glidden "Shaded Ice" color match for Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint $19.00 or $20.00 a quart.  I bought one quart & finished it, then bought another at 40% off & didn't even use half.

The "Smoky Charcoal" on the buffet front is a gallon my mom bought & I used some.

I think that has it covered...
$286.85 Approx spent

I sold the ugly black/wood shiny table for $200.00 on Craigslist, so less than $100.00 spent & look what a difference it made...

Oh ya...I am also thinking the mirror needs a fresh coat of paint...Any suggestions on a color?!?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally...The dining room is within hours of being complete!!!

A quick sneak peek...

I finally have the chairs painted & am distressing them now!  Here shortly I will finally have six dining chairs again!!!  I can hardly wait! 

Completed & a few before/after photos to come very soon!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Washing my Linden Street covers...Wish me luck!

So grandma brings home one of the punks today after having a sleepover.  She also brings chocolate...Let me remind you were are in the middle of a heatwave & we all know what heat does to chocolate...Not to mention 100+ degree heat!  Add to the fact that I have been in the basement painting so the upstairs is in shambles while four unruly children run amuck!  The oldest of the punks is wrestling around with the youngest of the punks on the sofa & as the cushions move around we discover a Kit Kat wrapper that is smooshed between the back cushion & the seat cushion!!!  Remember my heatwave comment?  Well, as you know when chocolate melts it sticks to the wrapper & this particular Kit Kat really stuck to the wrapper...Ya, so imagine the rest.  Ugh...I have been wanting to wash the covers, but have been too scared to do so.  They say dry clean only, but who has the time and money for that with four punks!

After my initial rant & rave shock I decided to take my chances & throw them in the wash!

Wish my punks me luck!!!


A Chifforobe...A Armoire...A Wardrobe...What is it?

I had taken a short break from stalking Craigslist last week.  I really have about all of the furniture my home can hold right now & I still have a few projects lingering so I figure there is no need to look & be faced with temptation when I find that perfect & cheap piece.  I did have a spare moment yesterday & went to browse the furniture section...On the first page I found this beauty...

It has a fabric curtain for the side that I'm assuming a mirror once was.  Structurally it is in awesome condition...It even is cedar lined!  Cosmetically the paint was peeling off in several places.  I could tell there was only one coat, so I decided to go ahead & strip it.  It still isn't finished as I wore out last night with it & I have been painting all day long.  

Another new project I can't wait to get finished!!!

The dining chairs are painted & waiting to get distressed & the french provincial desk & hutch has been sanded, primed & one coat of paint applied...Just waiting for it to dry to get a second coat on! 

I am on the homestretch now... 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sherwin Williams is having a SALE!!!

At least you know I'll keep painting & sharing!!!  Lol

I purchased more "Shadded Ice" for the dining chairs & my daughter helped pick out a pink for her french provincial desk...Yes, I said french provincial desk!!!  Can you believe it?!?  I almost can't!  Not only has it been patiently waiting for it's makeover since...Oh, April! It has been sitting in my foyer since May! Ridiculous!!!

Also got a gallon for the front porch...It's in need of a fresh coat!

Photos to come hopefully by Sunday evening!!!  Just of the furniture...I can't take the front porch to the basement where we have set up shop or I could share photos of it by Sunday also.  Lol!  It's gonna have to wait until the heatwave tames down a bit.