Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's done...It's done!!! Dining room makeover...

Whew...I feel like this project has taken a lifetime!  I know it has only been a couple of months, but for Mrs. Impatient herself...That is a lifetime!

Let's start with some before photos...

Notice the bald baby in the corner Lol...This was two years ago when the little really was little.

A photo at Christmas time...Pretty lame eh?!?

I realized going through my photos that I don't have any decent ones of the dining room space before...Not that it was very 'photo worthy' any who!  Lol

And for the after...
Overload warning, but now it is very 'photo worthy' so I have been snapping away!  Lol

I am still thinking I want a rug, but not certain.  Since this space is basically right next to the living room & I have a rug there with a busy print I think I'll need to go solid.  I'm thinking of going with something natural like a jute rug.  They are pretty pricey though & I haven't come across many of them on Craigslist.  Ha!

All in all I am pretty pleased with the way it has turned out, however I do plan on stripping the table top & staining it.  I always wanted it that way, but yet again Mrs. Imaptient stepped in the way & it was quicker & easier to just paint it at the time.  Now I get to do more work...Yay! 

A quick price breakdown...

Table & four (tall) chairs $60.00...Craigslist
Set of four (short) chairs $40.00...Craigslist
New foam for four chairs $30.00...JoAnns
Fabric for all eight chairs $21.00...JoAnns clearance
Buffet $50.00...I paid $30.00, My mom paid $20.00...Garage Sale
White dishes $10.50...Thrift Store
Green pitcher $9.99...TJ Maxx
Globe $9.99...TJ Maxx
Vase in corner with filler $3.00...garage sale
Eucalyptus leaves $2.97...JoAnns clearance
Metal bird $3.00 for a set of four (one is used here)...Thrift Store
Bean Pot FREE...for hosting a party
Plate rack $5.00-$7.00...This was a Target clearance from 5+ years ago
Mirror FREE...From my dad
Drapes $15.00/pair...Craigslist
Curtain rod set of wooden brackets & a wooden closet rod spray pianted with Krylon Oli Rubbed Bronze
Set of ring clips also sprayed with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze $8.00...Home Depot

Glidden "Shaded Ice" color match for Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint $19.00 or $20.00 a quart.  I bought one quart & finished it, then bought another at 40% off & didn't even use half.

The "Smoky Charcoal" on the buffet front is a gallon my mom bought & I used some.

I think that has it covered...
$286.85 Approx spent

I sold the ugly black/wood shiny table for $200.00 on Craigslist, so less than $100.00 spent & look what a difference it made...

Oh ya...I am also thinking the mirror needs a fresh coat of paint...Any suggestions on a color?!?



  1. Beautiful job!! I cannot believe you did this for less than $300. I especially love the distressed finish and the velvet on the chairs. I think a jute rug would be perfect under the table--have you looked at Lowe's? We bought ours from there for a little over $100--it's huge too! And I think that restaining the table top would add a whole new dimension to the room, I say go for it! As for the mirror...maybe a different shade of blue or gray?

  2. Your dining room has turned out so beautiful! Great job!

  3. Thanks Katy! My dad is a Lowe's junkie...I need to put him on the lookout for me! =)

    I may experiment with the color on the buffet...I could add a little white to tone it down a scooch or I could paint it & them glaze it...Decisions, Decisions! Lol!

  4. Thanks SO much Benn's Wife! I am loving it right now! =)

  5. I should have clarified that...I'll experiment with the "mirror" using the 'smoky charcoal' color on the buffet by adding in some white or glazing it. Lol!

  6. Yay! That's all I should say about this because, wow, it's amazing:) You could paint the mirror in one of the colors from the room, perhaps that blue, or you could choose a nice sudle accent color:) Love, love, love the room!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It looks 200% better & all done for under $300! You go girl! I love the mis-matched chairs & the way you distressed them. Awesome job! Maybe that mirror could be painted in a "pop" color, like a persimmon color? Or a very dark blue?
    Anyway, love it! looks great :) enjoy!

  8. Thanks ladies! Now that the back to schook crazies have settled down im hoping to get busy on some more projects!!!

  9. Oh...the whole room is lovely...I'd love it if you linked the whole room up on my blog....

    See I love the mix of furniture in the room. Gorgeous curtains. Such a good job.....