Sunday, July 10, 2011

After wanting one for two years...I finally got a buffet!!!

And get this...It didn't come from Craigslist gasp!  My mom found it at a garage sale here in town...$50.00 later...My mom chipped in $20.00, so it cost me $30.00  & it was all mine!!!

It is sanded, primed, painted & still being distressed...I ran out of my tough as nails sandpaper tonight & decided to call it a night.  I'll be back at it in the morning & I'll have some completed photos to share!!!

My mom also bought this pitiful desk at sale yesterday for $5.00  I have never seen such ugly shiny paint in my life!  This stuff was like automotive paint or something...Seriously I think it's the stuff they use on car parts!  Lol

After a day & a half of sanding & stripping it finally turned into this...

Finished photos coming tomorrow...

I also decided to put tung oil on my TV cabinet & I love the way it turned out...I was afraid to put anything on it since I loved the wood SO much, but I love it even more now!  =)
I also added rope knots for the pulls.

Oh...My daddy bought us a 32" flat screen for the living room today also!!!  No more monstrous TV on my pretty new/old cabinet!

For the last of my ongoing projects...
I have been pretty iffy with my current drapes in the living/dining.  Although they are better than the chocolate brown ones, I'm just not loving them.  So, I decided to buy a piece of burlap to try.  I'm still a little eh...I'm just not sure what I am envisioning...

Any input?  =)

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