Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still no "after" photos to share...

Unfortunately between the heat & being busy I still haven't had a chance to get any more projects completed.  I did find a couple of really cool things today while out shopping the thrift stores with my momma, but our trip was cut short when I received a phone call from the hubs telling me that the little had her hand shut in the car door while they were all up at the farm & he was on his way to urgent care with her.  Thank God her hand was not broke, but it looked like a little marshmallow hand with bruises & scratches all over.  Poor little girl.  The weather was a bit cooler today & I was planning on doing some painting this evening, but I have spent the evening pampering & catering to the little which I don;t mind one bit lol!  So, the projects will have to wait until another day...

I did pick up a dresser off of Craigslist for $5.00 today!  I don't have a photo to share yet, but it is one probably from the 60's-70's...a little modern with clean lines, no hardware & with 8 drawers (4 & 4).  My mom has been looking everywhere for a console/sofa table & everytime I find one & call it is already sold.  After unloading the dresser I bought which I have no idea where is is going to go as I really don't have anywhere for it we realized it is basically the exact same measurements of a console/sofa table!  So for 5 bucks...I think she has a table & I have one less project!!!  Lol

I also found a dress for our family photos coming up in September with Lacey Crough.  We are SO excited to have her take photos for us! 

This is the inspiration dress I ordered for our oldest daughter...I am hoping for a shabby/vintage laid back feel.  Although my dress is hot pink, but very mod/retro.  Hopefully I can pull it all of.  I still have outfits to get for four other people...Two being boys.  Yuck!  Oh, & I am on the hunt for her some pink cowgirl boots to go with it!  I just love having girls...SO fun!!!

I'm hoping to have some more interesting things to share by the weekend!

Have a great week!!!  =)


  1. ouch! I can so remember shutting the door on my thumb when I was little, and yes just recently last month -it hurts! Bless her heart I can't imagine shutting a whole hand poor baby!!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet thoughts Teri...She has bounced right back quicker than we expected. Little ones are so resilient. =) The Dr. said their bones are real rubbery, which is probably why it didn't break. She still has a marshmallow hand though...She laughs when I tell her to show me her 'marshmallow hand' Lol