Sunday, July 24, 2011

Washing my Linden Street covers...Wish me luck!

So grandma brings home one of the punks today after having a sleepover.  She also brings chocolate...Let me remind you were are in the middle of a heatwave & we all know what heat does to chocolate...Not to mention 100+ degree heat!  Add to the fact that I have been in the basement painting so the upstairs is in shambles while four unruly children run amuck!  The oldest of the punks is wrestling around with the youngest of the punks on the sofa & as the cushions move around we discover a Kit Kat wrapper that is smooshed between the back cushion & the seat cushion!!!  Remember my heatwave comment?  Well, as you know when chocolate melts it sticks to the wrapper & this particular Kit Kat really stuck to the wrapper...Ya, so imagine the rest.  Ugh...I have been wanting to wash the covers, but have been too scared to do so.  They say dry clean only, but who has the time and money for that with four punks!

After my initial rant & rave shock I decided to take my chances & throw them in the wash!

Wish my punks me luck!!!


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