Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a safe & wondrous 4th!!!  I am truly grateful for all of the great men & women who are serving & have served our country & fight for our freedom every day!  They are true hero's...God Bless them all!

Happy 4th from the Edwards Punks ~2011~

Although it was a Holiday, I couldn't refrain from doing a little Craigslist shopping.  I found this chair & ottoman first thing this morning, called the nice lady & went to get it a few hours later!  It still isn't 100% what I envision for the living room, however it is a better fit than the other one I had & do keep in mind that only shopping Craigslist can limit you quite a bit on what you can find.  Lol

So before...Nice, but a little contemporary/modern.  Not loving it in my new styled space.

And after...Getting closer...One Craigslist buy at a time!

This is a sage/cream gingham.  Gingham is not one of my favorite fabrics, but I love the style & shape & the tufting is just TDF.  So for now...Until I can find this chair in a white/off white/pale yellow solid fabric the gingham will have to do.

Although I love the faux silk blueish/grayish drapes they are throwing me off now with this green chair.  I am trying SO hard to NOT be matchy matchy & use what I love.  I am contemplating getting some burlap to make some simple drapes...Any thoughs would be greatly appreciated.

The rug is really close to making it's way onto Craigslist.  I am afraid it too is dragging the room down...Sigh!
I am going to hopefully pick up an old dresser tomorrow, however it is really short.  Not sure what the deal is with it.  I have seen a few of them in my time & maybe someone can fill me in on the history of them.  It looks more like a cedar/hope chest, but with drawers like a dresser.  Any who I am planning on using it as a TV stand so I can get rid of the dark/shiny cherry armoire I currently have.  It's just not working for me. 

So check back for some photos tomorrow & see if you can help me out.  As long as it is as advertised I should be bringing it home!  Like I've said before...I take on projects faster than I can get them done! 

Wish me luck!!!

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