Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Craigslist coffe table & the living room is almost complete!

My hubby had an apppointment today with the eye doctor closer to the city than where we live  & although I check Craigslist hourly daily I really check it good when heading south.  I found this newly listed coffee table just a few miles from his appointment!!!
Excuse the sanded mark...I always forget to take a before picture until I have made my mark on an item!  Proof yet again of my impatience...Lol

I just love this blue pitcher I found at TJ Maxx today for $9.99!

I sanded the top down a scooch, primed & painted with the same color of the dining set & then I glazed the table.


  1. Oh I love the accessories you paired up w/ the table! That basket is adorable, was it from TJ Maxx too? I'm actually doing my weekly trip to TJ's...hopefully I'll find some goodies. Good job, as usual!

  2. Thanks! Yep, it is. This size was just $7.99 & they had a larger one for $9.99! The globe, flamelees candle, fillers & pillows too! Well, the solid blue was a Tar-Jay clearance...I can't wait to go back!!!