Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Gorgeous...Minus your hardware!

It's done...It's done...Well, except hardware.  New dilemma...I'm not sure if I want to cover this up with our 200 lb monstrous TV?!?  Why is it everything I do has to create a snowball effect?  I had the hubs help me get the TV out of the cherry armoire just in case someone from Craigslist comes to look at it & wants to buy it.  It is sitting in my foyer & the beastly TV is plopped on the floor in the corner.  Crazy cords going everywhere from the componets, and now I second guess what the TV is going to sit on...The people in the house love me I tell ya!  =)

So enough whining and on to looking...

  Before...Just earlier this afternoon

And after...


I can just picture this with some of my white dishes...I could use it as a little buffet/server as the dining table is right across from it Oh, the possibilities are endless...Just not sure I can put a ginormous, hideous 200 lb TV on it.  What's a girl to do?!?