Friday, July 15, 2011

A snowball effect...During a heat wave right in the middle of July!!!

If you are a decorator or strive to be one like myself you know all too well about the snowball effect!  It is a nasty little thing I tell ya.  Take for instance this scenario...

We have lived here for two years now...Not once have I had anything on our lovely front porch except a ugly welcome mat .  I have longed for an 'outdoor' space forever.  Patio furniture is just SO expensive & it has never been a priority for me.  I say every year I am going to buy a patio set when they go on sale at the end of season & it just never happens.

So today my mom, the punks & I were out browsing some local shops & I found a rug at one that had a couple of stains some spilled wine from a local art crawl I asked if it was for sale & the owner said, "If you'll get it out of here...$5 bucks!!!  SOLD!  So my cheap little $5.00 rug started yet another snowball effect.

Next my wheels started turning for some furniture.  I have no budget to go buy some, even if it is starting to see markdowns.  Even my trusty Craigslist is pricey...Hmmm.  I was not going to be content with just a rug...There had to be more. 

Then it hit me...I had these chairs hanging around that I have done nothing with.  They were a Craigslist purchase that ended up being quite a bit rougher than I expected, so they have just been sitting around waiting for me to muster up the energy to deal with them.

After configuring them around I've decided to have the hubs help me screw three together to make a bench.  I painted them Krylon ? I'll update after I check the color yellow & the other one I painted Krylon Cherry Red.

I have these two old queen ann endtables I purchased years ago for $5.00/pair.  I am painting them Glidden ? I'll update too grey.

Of course you already knew I was going to post a sneak peek, because I might spontaneously com bust if I couldn't share...

The yellow chairs need more paint & I can't wait to get to JoAnn's to pick out some fabric!!!

I am dying to get started on my oldest daughter's room & so is she...We have been butting heads quite a bit on how it is going to be done.  I am wanting a shabby/vintage/farmhouse equestrian look.  She wants horses, plain & simple...So it seems.  She also loves funky bright colors & prints.  She would have horse bedding, & horse curtains & horse prints & so forth & so on.  For me less, is more.  So we are working hard to compromise on this room re-do.  Lord help us both...It's gona be a journey.

We did find this canvas today & we both fell in love!  I want one for the main level!

Notice the quilt & pillow...That is my part of the room!  Lol  I found the quilt at a flea market for $10.00 & the pillow was 50 cents!

Here is the $5.00 dresser I got off of Craigslist yesterday...

 And a sneek peak at my mom's $5.00 desk...

The back of the desk is really cool...Although it wasn't finished originally it has the decorative trim that goes along the back.  When painted it looks finished enought that it won't have to be used up next to a wall.  Although, I typically don't like the waterfall style this one os growing on me.

I may be taking my mom's $5.00 desk while she takes my $5.00 dresser!  Lol

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  1. Can't wait to see how the bench turns out!