Saturday, June 18, 2011

Craigslist Finds

Here are some of my on going projects that I have found on Craigslist...

Desk & hutch for my daughter's room...This project has been hanging around way too long & keeps getting postponed.  As soon as the dining room dilema (later post) is finished I am going to get started on her room.

Vanity for the other girls' room...Another long lingering project that is gonna get finished soon... 

Set of four rose patterned chairs...Going to use a couple in the master & then the others just here or there as extras.  Paint & new seats to come...$25.00 for all four
Dining table & four chairs (pictured below)...This is top on the list to get done since I already sold our dining set...After pics to come hopefully very soon...$60.00 set

My beloved dining set...I found this on Craigslist & it was exactly the style I wanted for the dining room.  I had big plans to paint & distress it.  After getting the set I realized how difficult it was going to be to re cover the seats, especially for someone with zero no sewing ability.  I have mastered stitch withery, but that's as goos as it gets here folks!  So back to my dining set.  I hauled a chair to a local upholstery shop & they were blown away with the quality and the price of the set.  I tried finiding something similar on the internet & on E-Bay, but no such luck.  As a last resort I contacted an E-Bay seller (who also happens to be in Missouri) that sells older high end and price furniture on E-Bay.  I gave him a tidbit of info on these, sent him a couple of pics & waited for a response.  He did tell me that he cringed at the thought of anyone painting this set as many others have also informed me.  He also told me that these Louis XVI style chairs in very good condition an 8 (out of 1-10) is worth $1,500.00 & the table in the same condition is worth $800.00!  Not bad for a $150.00 Craigslist buy!  There is another part to the story though...Those horribly hideous chair cushions.  The local upholstery shop quoted $62.00 a chair for the four side charis & $87.00 a chair for the two captains chairs.  Plus I will need 6 yards of upholstery fabric.  I figured $422.00 on the labor for the chairs & if I could snag fabric for less than $178.00 I could get them done for just under or around $600.00. 


  1. Ummm yea...why can't I ever find deals like these on craigslist?? $25 for a vanity is AM-A-ZING! Your daughter must be thrilled!

  2. Ha Ha! I totally know what you mean...Honestly, most of what I buy I have to drive 30-60 miles one way! I always say the only things for sale in a 15 mile radius of our little town are cars & lawn mowers...No one sells furniture here in hickville! =)