Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ugh...A stomach bug straight from Illinois

So my husband was traveling last week for work.  He got home saying his stomach didn't feel good & he thought maybe he had food poisoning.  Anytime which is very rarely he gets sick he blames it on something he ate.  You know, cause a man doesn't get sick from viruses.  Ha!  So in the midst of all of the crazy dining table swapping I have done & all I have to get repainted & finished I get bit by the stomach bug.  Blah!  I am down for the count & it is not setting well with me.  I have way too much to do, to not be able to physically do it.  The oldest of the punks isn't feeling the best & the little is the same way.  Being sick during summer should be outlawed...It just isn't right. 

I hope to have a finished project reveal in the next few days, but at this rate it will probably be longer than I hope.    We are planning a birthday party for the little Friday night, our guests may not be too thrilled to be eating cake picnic style if I don't get this project done!  Lol

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