Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little bummed with my love seat steal...

I contacted a local furniture store today about a new slipcover for the love seat.  I had a little bit of sticker shock...$449.00!!!  I know it is way cheaper than a new love seat & this one is really in near new condition & I only paid $40.00 for it & I am just in love with the style & I could go on & on, but the fact is $449.00 is way out of budget for me.  This ones gonna be a brain stormer for me.  I have seen some ah-mazing DIY slipcovers like this one from Miss Mustard Seed I just LOVE her style, talent & decorating...However, I can't sew a button so for me to even think about making slipcovers makes me crazy!  I don't know...It's going to have to work the way it is for now.  =) 


  1. Greetings from Tunisia! Just found your fun blog through Better After and found your dining room table and chairs enchanting. I'm new to blogging too. I look forward to following your projects.
    best, nadia

  2. Awww...Thanks! Hopefully I can keep them coming so everyone has something new to look at! =)