Thursday, June 30, 2011

I found a loveseat...I found a loveseat!

I have been on the look out for a super cheap, clean, stylish & coordinating love seat for the master for months. Oh, & I only shop on Craigslist. Lol I came across this helpless looking one & called the seller to get some more details. She told me how bad the cover was faded out from the sun. She had purchased it from someone just a few months earlier & it just wasn't working out for them. She really didn't know much about it, but said it seemed to be a really good quality. I asked if it was made to have a slipcover (was it white or off white underneath) or was it some old ugly fabric with an even uglier cover on it? Lol She said it was off white & made to have a slipcover. I started to get very hopeful about it. The other part of the story is I sold my beloved dining set (the one I didn't have the money to get reupholstered) to a local E-Bay seller. We delivered it to him (75 miles away) & this love seat was on the way back. Before we headed out I used good ol trusty MapQuest. What they fail to provide you with is road closures & detours. Fortunately my hubby went with me because I am awful with directions & then you throw in detours without proper signs to follow & I could have easily ended up in Egypt or somewhere close to that. So, after a few turn here & there & an extra 40 miles around & about we made it! I took one look & was sold! I couldn't wait to get home, strip that cover & find a manufacture tag on this baby. After removing the cushion covers I found out it is made by Klaussner. I haven't had any luck finding if I can buy a replacement slip cover, but their Jenny Loveseat (which I think is the newer version of this one) retails for $950.00-$1,200.00+!!! It looks a little off all naked, but I can live with it until I figure something out. The hideous faded denim just doesn't work for me. Oh & I almost forgot...The best part...$40.00! Really!!!



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